A new eye on audit quality

Brian Fox, Confirmation founder and Thomson Reuters exec, calls out Monitaur for its AI audits in an article on the future of auditing in the age of artificial intelligence.

It’s important to remember that in many cases auditors won’t just use a technology — they may need to audit them, as well. All sorts of organizations are or will soon be using AI in business-critical functions, according to Brian Fox, the founder of Confirmation and vice president of strategic partnerships in the tax & accounting business of Thomson Reuters, and an emerging company called Monitaur aims to give auditors the ability to audit an AI-based system, he said.

Most algorithms are static, so an auditor can test them and be comfortable that they’re operating as they would have earlier in the year, but artificial intelligence changes over time, so that an AI tool at a bank might make different lending decisions in December than it did in June.

“AI decision-making changes and is updated as it learns over time,” Fox said. “Therefore, the auditor needs the ability to verify at the end of the year whether the AI made the correct decision in the middle of the year, even though it might have made a different decision now given what it has learned since the historical point in time.”