How prepared is your company to manage the complexities and risks related to Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI is unlike other software your company is using today. While it has great potential to improve revenues and overall profitability, it also will perform unexpectedly at times and you need to establish people readiness as much as your technological readiness.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to each problem through the lens of people, process, and technology. We combine deep subject matter expertise with tried and true technology to deliver results that move the needle for your business.

AI Governance and Assurance Assessment and Implementation

Monitaur will evaluate your existing controls and governance structures in order to identify areas of exposure or lack of readiness for AI implementations. At the conclusion of the evaluation, Monitaur provides a detailed assessment identifying weak spots with specific instructions for how to remediate them. We then work with your Risk Management and Audit teams to remediate gaps and create a holistic, comprehensive, and sustainable AI Governance program.

Machine Learning Audit

Monitaur will audit your machine learning model[s] against the CRISP-DMA framework to ensure that they are well designed, properly documented, and operating as intended. We will produce an audit report with a certification of assurance as well as recommendations for improvement.

Machine Learning Model Development for Regulated Industries

Monitaur will design and build machine learning models to achieve your business goals with specific approaches necessary for supporting audit, assurance and compliance.

Audit Analytics and Continuous Auditing

Monitaur helps your audit department set up or level up a continuous auditing program. We help you obtain data and perform use case discovery. We then build analytics tests and create a reporting dashboard. We help to facilitate the culture change required to drive Internal Audit’s Continuous Auditing approach and train your staff to continue using analytics successfully post engagement.

Additionally, we create custom machine learning models to enable a more accurate and comprehensive program; along with catching more errors and improving efficiency than with traditional audit procedures.

Example analytics:

  • General Entry Anomaly Detection
  • Duplicate accounts payable entries
  • Active Directory automated reconciliation
  • Document classification
  • Intelligent sampling algorithms