Establish Machine Learning Assurance

Create controls, trust, and confidence in your ML systems that make consequential decisions.

Why machine learning assurance?

With machine learning now making key decisions about individuals' lives, the ability to provide confidence and trust in those systems is imperative.

Your company creates assurance through software and process controls developed for your compliance, audit, risk, and governance teams. These teams are tasked with proving that your ML systems are...

ML Assurance can feel like a labyrinth

Your teams face a more complex and fundamentally different problem in the age of ML and AI. In regulated industries, the potential risks are enormous.

ML systems and the answers to questions inside "black box" systems can feel like a maze, and the owners of assurance don't have the technical skills to find the answers.

You need a new dimension of assurance that Monitaur's software and services can give you.

The black box of machine learning creates a labyrinth

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