Record Log – Understand – Version Audit Inspect – Test – Verify Monitor Bias – Drift – Anomalies Assure Validate – Certify – Comply
Record Log – Understand – Version Audit Inspect – Test – Verify Monitor Bias – Drift – Anomalies Assure Validate – Certify – Comply

Continuous Assurance for ML

Monitaur combines the first and only software built specifically to drive assurance and governance of machine learning with our deep ML audit and systems expertise.


Monitaur Record creates a single source of truth for ML transactions across your applications, the foundation for understanding what your ML is actually doing. Accelerate forensic discovery for audit and compliance, reveal ML decisioning, and get transparency across all of your ML deployments.
Record your machine learning for assurance
Capture the unique parameters behind every ML decision

Model & code versioning

See which models and code files produced every ML decision

Decision understanding

Generate explainability models for ML decisions automatically


Monitaur Audit ensures objective verifiability of your ML models and systems by enabling non-technical users to find, review, and test ML decisions. Risk, compliance, and governance owners can self-serve, auditors and regulators can inspect with exposing IP, all without demanding effort from your technical teams.
Audit your machine learning for assurance
Enable sampling and spot testing of ML transactions

Reperform transactions

Examine relationships between outcomes and inputs

Counterfactual analysis

Enable "what-if" scenario analysis of ML decisions


No matter how much work you invest in pre-production, you need ongoing visibility into their decisions and the movement of the models. With our Monitor capabilities, you can identify potential risks proactively, empower compliance to operate continuously, and maximize the performance and security of your ML systems.
Monitor your machine learning for assurance
Implement controls through custom thresholds

Detect bias and anomalies

See when ML introduces bias and outliers

Identify feature and model drift

Use statistical tests for bad inputs and outputs
Bolster existing processes for model and code changes


Interested in independent validation and certification of your ML systems?

Professional Services

The last mile of assurance will always rely on human intelligence to provide the level of comfort that business owners need to greenlight ML initiatives.

Monitaur Assure brings our expertise in ML Assurance to your organization. We provide services to complement our software technology to ensure your team and your program can create optimal assurance.
Evaluate your existing controls and governance structures to identify areas of exposure or lack of readiness for AI implementations

ML Governance & Assurance Program Design

Use our MLA framework to establish controls, governance, policies, and monitoring

ML Audit

Identify gaps and provide recommendations for proper design, documentation, and operation of your ML models