About Monitaur

What Drives Us

Building ML is hard. Being a regulator is hard. Having your life impacted by "black boxes" is scary. And yet, machine learning has immense potential to improve so many aspects of our lives and our societies – if we can trust it.

Monitaur is committed to improving people's lives by providing confidence and trust in AI.

Our Philosophy

We believe that, with assurance, ML systems will gain the confidence and trust required to fundamentally improve our everyday lives.

We believe creating assurances in ML systems will take a community. We're committed to being an active and valued part of that community.

We aspire to be a trusted brand and partner to:

The ML Builders

Provide ML Assurance solutions that accelerate innovation

The Regulators

Create assurances and transparency that support regulatory compliance

The Public

Provide independent assurances and transparency of ML systems

Our Team

Monitaur was founded by a team of deep domain experts in the areas of machine learning, assurance, and software development. We are building a company anchored around three core values – Integrity, Care, and Innovation.

Anthony Habayeb

Anthony Habayeb


Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark


Michael Herman

Michael Herman

Co-founder/Lead Engineer