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An overview of the CDEI's review into bias in algorithmic decision-making

Originally published:
Nov 27, 2020

Building on the content of our last issue, Europe and the United Kingdom have seen a groundswell of thought, studies, and discussion about the regulation of ML and AI, particularly as it relates to bias. The UK's Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation published its report on bias in algorithmic decision-making. The authors contrast the potential that algorithms hold to identify and combat bias with their deployment in the real world today, which has engendered a notable absence of public faith in the fairness of algorithmic decisions. In Europe, the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) issued its own report on how AI should support human rights. Frustrated by the focus on principles and ethics, NGOs like Access Now are also driving the discussion and pushing for more stringent standards and regulatory requirements, proposing a layered approach even with bans on certain types of AI deployments that are at greatest risk for violating people's rights.

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