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Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation publishes world first roadmap to catalyse development of AI assurance ecosystem

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Dec 8, 2021

Recently, the UK’s Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) announced the world’s first AI assurance roadmap. Incorporating verifiability, trustworthiness, and compliance, AI assurance – a phenomenon we talk about frequently here at Monitaur – goes a step further than traditional AI governance frameworks. This framework will enable British innovators to realize the full potential of AI in a responsible and competitive way.

Following calls from government entities, industry leaders, and the public, the UK continues to be a leader in AI regulation across the globe with the six following priority areas for actions:

  1. Create demand for effective AI assurance,
  2. Develop a competitive AI assurance market,
  3. Introduce standards,
  4. Create levels of accountability, 
  5. Assist organizations in reaching regulatory obligations, and
  6. Bolster links between industry leaders, researchers, and academics to develop assurance techniques.
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